Media & Speaking

Contact me about media and public speaking opportunities. Some examples of past engagements are below.

The Art of Improvisation


I spoke with Bec Bowman on RTRFM's Artbeat about the formation of the Perth Improvised Theatre Society, WA's first cooperatively-controlled performing arts organisation.

We discussed arts governance, the need to get 'ordinary Australians' in to the Arts, and the Only Us Humans co-created comedy festival.

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We were also featured in The Fremantle Herald as part of the cooperative launch.

On Play in Adulthood


I was invited to speak with Jessica Strutt on ABC Radio's Focus program about the importance of remaining playful in adulthood.

I discuss my own journey to starting an improvised theatre company, the importance of staying flexible in day-to-day life, and the relationship between play and authenticity.

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Playtime for Adults Just as Important as Child's Play


Following an interview with ABC Radio Perth, the ABC published an article on the importance of play in adulthood.

Excerpts from the interview were included in the article.

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Let the World Have an Impact on You


I was asked to write an opinion piece for UniView, the University of Western Australia's alumni magazine.

I spoke against the frenetic need to 'make an impact,' and argued for why you need to let the world have an impact on you.

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On Making a Living as an Artist


I spoke with Megan Hyde and Tom Reynolds on RTRFM's Artbeat about the challenges involves in making a living as an artist, and UWA and Artsource's Making? A Living Symposium.

We discussed how to survive platform technologies, the problem of value capture in artistic production, and the way corporate sponsorship influences art making. The discussion concludes with tips for making a sustainable living as a practicing artist.

I also spoke at the Making? A Living Symposium in November 2019.

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On Fringe World and Platform Capitalism


I spoke with Peter Bell on ABC Breakfast Radio about how Fringe World exists at the intersection of platform capitalism and labour casualisation.

We discussed how Fringe World shifts risks from festival producers to performing artists, and how the festival can be conceived as an urban revitalisation initiative.

The conversation was inspired by a viral Medium article I wrote in 2018.