Art, Media, & Social Impact

A Manifesto

I work with artists who seek to amplify the impact of their work.

Art has always been about social impact. Artists and producers enter this field because they love telling stories that move people to act. These stories furnish our cultural background-- they are the arena in which politics takes place.

Newer to art is the idea of bringing intentionality to impact by using modern techniques from campaigning, activism and social impact. These techniques include creative distribution methods, partnering with NGOs for systemic change, co-creation principles, and using data and insight to inform better practice. Consider The Act of Killing, which used an innovative distribution model to evade government censorship of its message, or Big hART which co-creates theatre using asset-based community development.

The addition of impact to art does not need to be an additional expense line on already thin production budgets. Instead, adding impact and intentionality to art can invite new audiences and new funders to the production.


Don't Stop the Music

Don’t Stop the Music is a landmark ABC-TV series produced by Artemis Media. As Impact Campaign Producer, I worked with multiple stakeholders to deliver a nationwide instrument donation campaign. I also worked with Dr. Anita Collins to produce the Building a Musical School Kit, a resource for educators to implement music programmes in their schools.

Only the Human

Only the Human is a social enterprise which builds community through comedy. We host workshops, classes, shows and open jams. As Director, my role is to ensure the company remains open, fair, just and accessible to all who wish to participate.


I write on Medium on a variety of issues around justice, social impact, philosophy, storytelling, and the arts. In 2018, my blog post on the uberfication of the Perth Fringe Festival went viral and has been read by over 10,000 people.